Deborah Lessen Pilates endeavors to maintain the standard of teaching created by Joseph Pilates as it was passed to his protege Carola Strauss Trier who then passed it to Deborah Lessen, with integrity, discipline, skill and passion. Through this standard, the legacy of Deborah Lessen has emerged, continuing the tradition of Pilates through the teaching of the original syllabus with engaging additions and thoughtfully engineered equipment that is rooted in the history of the original design used by Joseph Pilates in his New York studio.

Nicky Taylor Steward continues this tradition by teaching Pilates in the style of Deborah Lessen.

“Fostering a lifelong movement practice that emphasizes how you feel and live in your body”.

Deborah Lessen

Deborah Lessen, PMA®-CPT is an acknowledged leader in the Pilates field. A former professional dancer and teacher, she was trained to teach the Pilates method by Joseph Pilates’ first protege, Carola Trier.

Now focusing on her first love, Deborah is a regular international presenter, conducting a roster of continuing education workshops and seminars for Pilates teachers.

Ms. Lessen founded the Greene Street Studio in 1983, which nurtures a broad base of clients in the Pilates method for general conditioning, performance specific training, injury prevention and post-rehabilitation. She offered on-site comprehensive teacher training from 1994 to 2004.

As co-defendant in the federal trademark infringement action for use of the name “Pilates,” she rallied the community to oppose the action. The Pilates name was made generic in a sweeping victory in November 1999. The victory party in New York City was the launch of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Ms. Lessen is a founding member and Past President of the Pilates Method Alliance, serving on the Board of Directors since its inception. She was instrumental in the creation and implementation of the PMA Pilates Certification Exam, the only 3rd party credentialing exam for Pilates professionals, facilitating a broad spectrum of tenured Pilates teachers to work together toward a common goal. She is editor and a contributor to the PMA Pilates Certification Exam Study Guide.