Deborah Lessen Pilates endeavors to maintain the standard of teaching created by Joseph Pilates as it was passed to his protege Carola Strauss Trier who then passed it to Deborah Lessen, with integrity, discipline, skill and passion. Through this standard, the legacy of Deborah Lessen has emerged, continuing the tradition of Pilates through the teaching of the original syllabus with engaging additions and thoughtfully engineered equipment that is rooted in the history of the original design used by Joseph Pilates in his New York studio.

Nicky Taylor Steward continues this tradition by teaching Pilates in the style of Deborah Lessen.

Nicky Taylor Steward

Nicky Taylor Steward has taught Pilates and functional movement for 19 years and been a teacher trainer for the past 10 years. In 2012 she met and began studying with Deborah Lessen. In the summer of 2017 Nicky was invited by Deborah to teach under her lineage and in 2018 began assisting Deborah in workshops. Nicky was named Program Director...

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Deborah Lessen

Deborah Lessen, PMA®-CPT is an acknowledged leader in the Pilates field. A former professional dancer and teacher, she was trained to teach the Pilates method by Joseph Pilates’ first protege, Carola Trier. Now focusing on her first love, Deborah is a regular international presenter, conducting a roster of continuing education workshops and seminars for Pilates teachers. Ms. Lessen founded the...

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